Mark Daniels

Data Analyst

Power BI & Tableau Developer


I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa, which is home to the beautiful Table Mountain. Having lived ten minutes away from both the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, made me grow to love even just the fresh smell of the ocean air, and from where I am living now just an hour north of San Francisco, California, and twenty minutes from the ocean, that ocean smell reminds me of friendly Cape Town.
No, I am not a surfer, just a regular sea-loving guy who enjoys walking along the beach, swimming, and the occasional kayak and snorkel-dive with friends.

Before I started as a data analyst, I had worked for over ten years as a software developer, mainly building, hosting, and managing client websites and web applications. My sense of satisfaction of a job well done comes from being able to create tools that businesses and organizations could use towards solving problems and achieving their goals.

The General Process I Use

ETL Process

With each project I’ve worked on, I’ve always used a similar process of extracting the data from its source, transforming, cleaning, and merging where necessary, and then saving (loading) it in a format suitable for data exploration and analysis.

Data Exploration

During the data exploration stage I generally first build a data profile and use basic statistics to get a general feel for the data as it relates to the current hypothesis. I also look at the distribution, variance, standard deviation, correlation, and outliers. 


After exploring the data, I review the requirements and use my data exploration findings to analyze what the data has revealed. Finally, I build out any required reports or dashboards with a storyline, conclusions, and recommendations.

Contact Me

Rohnert Park, California 94928​